Shady ‘Script Clinic Disappears After TV Expose

This is yet anothre reason for more allowing legal dispesaries to operate out in the open. If this medical marijuana industry is forced “underground” it will create more opportunity to the shady playes. Not teh other way around.



Medical Marijuana

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New Concierge Style Delivery to Medical Marijuana to OC Elite

SoCal Medical is officially launching its medical marijuana delivery service to OC upper echelon market in the Newport Beach and surrounding areas. SoCal Meds is completely Prop 215/ SB 420 compliant, and is set up accordingly as a non-profit, mutual benefit organizaztion. All new patients are invited to verify by reaching out to us. Much have valid doctor’s recommendation.


Facebook Softens Stance on Marijuana Advertising

…hah hahah! Mr. Facebook changes his mind, I wonder if it has anythign to do with the rfact the Facebook IPO was lower than expetations, largely due to invetsor worry about the advertising effectiveness on the platform and viability.


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You know what ? Facebook probably one of the most trageted and cost effective media around, potentially. in the past, new media such as bannner ads, e-commerce, even the holy grail: Adwords was supposedly not going to work! People said. “  Now it sa gazillion dollar advertising business.

Facebook needs to get their act together, on the business side of things. they have something that very few, if any have. they have not posiitoned themsleves right. we’ll see…!


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